Friday, February 09, 2007

Download and Listen To Music Online Free? by John

The internet is full of free resources one of the most popular ways to entertain your self online is to listen to music or watch videos some people think that you need to pay for everything online but there are many ways to download music for free and to watch videos of your favorite artists here we give you 5 ways to legally watch videos and listen to music online.

Yahoo has an excellent service called Launch this service allows you to listen to music online for free you can find virtually every song and every artist and listen to music on your computer the only catch with this service is that you have to listen to 3-5 second audio ads and you can not skip songs but other than that this is a free service that can give you many hours of fun the music quality is pretty descent and they also offer upgrades so for a small fee you can listen to high quality music.

Youtube my personal favorite has thousands of music videos that you can watch online for free on their site you can find videos from local bands and even new videos from other artist on most videos there are no ads and you can watch as many videos as you want so if you want to watch or listen to reggaeton music for example you just go to their search box and type the keywords and you will get results for videos that are available online.

Download is a site that offers different types of downloads but a lot of people don't know that they also offer free mp3 music downloads at no cost you can download mp3s from just about any artist and they are compatible with your ipod or music player.

Radio stations are also available online just do search for their website and they usually offer free and live music streams that you can play in your computer.

Windows Media Player offers free streaming music just open your media player and find free radio stations some of them even allow you to save a copy in your hard drive for free.

There are many ways to get free music online both legal and illegal so before you download music online illegally consider the legal options this is a safe way to get your music online without of being afraid of getting in trouble remember that artist spend time and money to make their music and they deserve to make their money.

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